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My 3008 is now 13 months old, at one month old it suffered staining to head lining, panoramic glass roof, this was eventually rectified by dealer and was said to be due to blocked drainage pipes coming away from roof.This morning once again the head lining was found to be stained, the dealer is to take the car back in next week to rectify under warranty.
My question is is this a fault other people have experienced or is it, as the dealer tells me an isolated case.
Any update would be helpfull.

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Up until August 2018 I had a 2008 GT Line with glass roof and at one time I could see blemishes on the motorised roof lining and was quite worried. It transpired it was simply crud on the roof outside reflecting on the head lining.
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Thanks for that but no, the headling has been changed once because of water staining and now it is the same agin.
The dealers took so long to get the car back to me last time, three weeks, I am now worried the same thing will happen agin.
Unfortunately I have no confidence either in peugeot or the main dealers.
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Post by telmel »

I wanted to post another question about the roof lining on my 2011 peugeot 308 convertible, but cannot ind where to post a new subject , so i am piggybacking here
The roof lining is sagging and came away along the back of the car
I managed to glue the back by closing the roof and accessing the edge when folded in the boot
To deal with the sagging, and avoid a costly headlining removal and replacement i have bought some pins which are basically studs you screw into the headlining to hold it in place where it is sagging and then cap with material caps
The colour of the caps seems to match the headlining so i think it will look ok
The thing i am worried about is if there is enough space between the studs and the roof when it folds , i dont want it jamming when retracting
The studs are about 10 mm in depth when fitted to the headlining
I did get a bit of glue on the rear glass window when repairing the lining and it stuck a bit when retracting, i removed the glue and it is ok now
This is why i am concerned about the studs interfering with the roof closure
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