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Faults and Technical chat for the Peugeot 3008
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Mine won’t go above 16miles seems to be always the same and that’s about what I am getting driving it? It’s never even got close to the 30-40 mile mark? I got told
The same thing by Peugeot. It’s your driving style. Absolute rubbish.. I have been trying to conserve battery power!

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Steve20166 wrote: Fri Apr 15, 2022 8:10 pm I was recently getting 38 ish miles and was okay with that but now suddenly I’m getting high 50’s I will upload a photo to show as it sounds unbelievable.
I tried it says file too large, tried cropping it won’t take it still if I can email to anyone ?
Fascinated by this - I note you said you're using the speed limiter. What speed have you been setting it to? Do you change it every time you enter a new speed limit zone? Are you driving at a snail's pace!?

I want to try to achieve these figures!

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I am a new kid on the block so please, pardon my ignorance of any forum etiquette. My new 3008 GT PHEV came fully charged showing 30 Miles. Delivered less than 20. All recharges have stabilized at 24 Miles capacity and the car regularly ( but not always ) delivers between 24-26 Miles. I live in South London and use Battery in Hybrid mode most of the time and if I am headed out of the town I use the e-Save function split at 12 Miles. The car on Electric Mode delivers less than the advertised charge - almost always. My Average Consumption is 68.9MPG. Total mileage is 2435 of which 762 are on electric. I am not sure the Average consumption of 68.9 is for the petrol bit or the whole lot.

My previous car was a Mercedes 220d which yielded much greater mileage if the air con was switched off. With air con the merc gave 60-65 mpg. Here it is 68.9 without air con.

I am not impressed but there seems to be little I can do. Would love to know similar stats from other forum users.
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Jay748 wrote: Sat Feb 19, 2022 4:30 am Wow! I thought I was the only one.
I got my 3008 hybrid4 back at the end of October 21, I had a 3008 gt 2L diesel before and loved it but for the small trips I did I didn't need that engine size. I liked the power of the hybrid4 so chose that one in vertigo blue with black pack, I thought it would be perfect, how wrong was I.
I'm having the same issues as you guys and my dealership is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard. The first week I got the car the wife and I took a trip from home in Cornwall to Scunthorpe, I had done the trip in my previous 3008 and was happy with the MPG, and this new one should be amazing seeing Peugeot state 166.2 - 235.4 MPG. I got 40, yes 4-0, I was god smacked, I rang the dealer to complain and say there is something wrong and all I got was "it's a long journey on motorways, that's about right and because I wasn't regening much I don't have the electric power to get the MPG up."
After we got back I had to book it in for the 1000 mile check up and said to the salesman I'm only getting 22 miles on a full charge. He said that wasn't right so we can book it in for diagnostics and that it might need a software update. It went in (you can see where this is going) and they found nothing wrong, they informed me they had another one as a demo car and that would only charge to the same amount and it comes down to my driving style. I said to them these are not the figures that are stated when buying the car but as you can guess they don't care one bit.
On the way out the salesman stopped me and showed me a graph (I'll try and get hold of it and post it on here) which shows to get the 36-38 miles of range the ambient temperature needs to be 20 degrees and you have to drive at 19 MPH!! Plus I live in Cornwall where you go up hill to get to anywhere. I said I was more disgusted about the MPG figures and Peugeot wouldn't say it would do that amount as it would never get there, I showed him the figures on the sales brochure, he was speechless!

I've done the customer survey but after reading all your experiences I'm not holding my breath for a response.

Well that's my rant over if anyone does go to trading standards and they need more cases/people I'm happy to share my grief!
Here is the range table I was on about (took me a bit to get it). The funny thing is they advertise the car to do 38-40 miles but the max on the chart is 37 🤦‍♂️.


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I just got my new 3008 this month, advertised range was “upto 38” miles on battery. Since getting it, it list 2 miles per charge for the first 3 charges. I checked with dealer and got almost verbatim the reasons you posted. I continued along and tried long motorway journey to completely drain the battery and start over. After three weeks now of what is “sedate” driving, I am Down to 24 miles range!! So I checked and would like to know how to turn off the radio console - as this would be one of the higher drainage points. I am also considering reaching out to one of those diesel claims companies and see if there is a class action on hybrids - as it would seem they measure the range with everything turned off and who would drive that way? It’s not doing what it’s designed for in my opinion and I’m deeply unhappy with it! It’s been less than one month so how much lower is it going to go? It’s already dropped more than 1/4 in three weeks!
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I don’t know how to direct reply to “Jay748” but I drive with air con at 16-19c and drive sedately short journeys - max has been about 48mph. And I’m now getting 24 after just 3 weeks. I tried getting it tested in garage and helpful person said I should only expect to get “about 20” miles range!! To me, this is completely false advertising!! I’m disgusted in this. As someone mentioned - do Tesla or other hybrids do the same decrease so fast?
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I bought my 3008 from Peugeot Marshalls in Canterbury earlier this year in March 2022. Very nice and smooth to drive. I had a 7.7Kw charging pod installed. The car is a 2020 GT Line 225 Hybrid. When we first got it had 24K miles and fully charged was doing 33 miles in electric mode - just enough for the wife to get to work and back. In a matter of 6 months on a full charge it only does 21 miles and seems to be also taking longer to charge. Our home electric usage has doubled and with the cost of electric now I think diesel (although also increased) is actually more cost efficient so I've decided to take a hit on the cost of the car and sell it. I've had numerous problems with the dealership who I found that once I'd paid for and received the car didnt want to give any aftersales service. I never received a V5 doc and upto last week it was still in the previous owners name. Anyway for me electric cars are not good enough yet, well atleast the 3008 hybrid isnt anyway.
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Follow up on low battery mileage range. The problem was a software issue - Peugeot dealer told me to bring car in for a day. They simply inserted a USB with new software which downloaded and installed a modified programme. It was with the dealer for around 5 hrs ( the time taken to download, install, configure and carry out full checks). The end result was that on full charge the range was restored to 36mile (from 19 mile). However, on subsequent charges the range has gradually dropped and is currently back to 28mile. Lets see if it continues to drop - if so I will ask for a 'reboot' using the modified programme to see whether it improves.
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Cars are tested using a carefully-controlled laboratory testing program – known as the New European Driving Cycle. Manufacturers'figures will always be better than the real world. In the real world, many factors can influence a car's range; weather, road surface, tyre resistance, wind, hill, load, speed etc. Drivers only have influence over speed, load, use of equipment and resistance (tyre inflation). The most significant impact is speed. EVs and hybrids are not like regular petrol or diesel cars. Most use very complex computer algorithms that memorise a driver's driving pattern. Some positive factors influencing the range include speed, temperature, climate and traffic conditions. I have owned a new 3008 Hybrid 4 since March of this year and in the summer I achieved between 38 and 41 miles per charge, and now in the colder months, I am achieving between 29 and 32 miles. In any vehicle, I have owned (petrol or diesel), I never drive with the climate control on (unless it is exceptionally hot or cold); they decrease a vehicle's fuel efficiency! I usually drive no more than 26 miles per hour in a 30-mile zone. I accelerate very gently and use minimal braking deferring to the regeneration braking whenever possible. Consequently, my computer algorithm has probably recognised that I am a tight frugal git! In a nutshell, EVs and hybrids need to be driven differently from petrol or diesel cars and require good planning when behind the wheel.
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Hi All - I am new to the forum and am particularly interested in this thread. I have been the owner of a 3008 GT S/S PHEV Auto since November 2021. Overall, I have been somewhat underwhelmed with the car as a whole. In particular, the lack of range available on a full charge. On delivery, I recall an available range of around 36 miles, I have achieved nothing close to that number since. 18-24 miles is about the average over the past 12 months. Since the recent cold spell has kicked in, I am now down to 16 miles! To coincide with this, the vehicle recently went into Marshalls of Peterborough for its first service (which included a software update). I raised the issue of the lack of available range. Long story short, I was told this was 'normal' and that I was not the first to raise this matter!
In view of the perceived lack of interest by the dealership, I am now considering escalating the matter to Peugeot Customer Services as I feel that I have been sold down the river. I am curious if anybody else has gone down this route and what response they got? Thanks in advance
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