Peugeot to offer eight-year warranties on its electric e-3008

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Confident in the quality of its products, PEUGEOT offers customers of the new E-3008 "PEUGEOT Allure Care" a programme that guarantees peace of mind by covering the electric motor, charger, powertrain, and the main electrical and mechanical components for up to 8 years / 160,000km.


PEUGEOT Allure Care contributes to accelerating the adoption of this latest generation of electric cars, thus offering customers the peace of mind they need to make the switch.

PEUGEOT Allure Care is in addition to the specific warranty offered by PEUGEOT on all its electric vehicle batteries, also lasting 8 years/160,000km, to cover the entire vehicle.

Launched in major European markets, PEUGEOT is the first European brand to offer such extensive coverage on one of its models.

The Allure Care coverage is automatically activated for 2 years or 25,000km after each maintenance service carried out within the PEUGEOT network.

Phil York, Marketing and Communication Director at PEUGEOT: "We believe that PEUGEOT Allure Care will accelerate the adoption of the latest generation of 100% electric PEUGEOT vehicles by offering customers the peace of mind they need to take the step. This coverage of exceptional breadth is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products."

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