Is this fan sound normal?

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Post by sieuvreau »

Hello everyone, I bought a secondhand 3008 two weeks ago.

If I set the fans to a higher speed, besides the normal air noise I hear a second sound that's coming somewhere behind the dashboard. It sounds like an electric motor or something, and it's quite loud. When I bought the car, I don't remember if that sound was that loud or not.

Here is the video with my issue

Do the fans in your 3008s sound the same as in the video or is it something wrong with mine?

Thank you

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Post by Harlee10 »

Hi. Did you get to the bottom of this? What was the cause? Mine has just started doing the same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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Post by Gx542 »

Mine, recently owned, authorized used 5008 year 2021 had the similar sound when turn on the windscreen defrost first week I got it. The sound was annoying but I kept it running cos I needed to defrost… surprisingly after a few weeks, the sound is getting normal. Not sure it was pollen filter not sat right or what…
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