Water leakage from the top panel above the rearview mirror!

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I have had an explanation from the service centre.
Apparently the seals on the sunroof are not water tight. If the gutter or rubber area overflows the water may have no other path to go except for between the glass and rubber.
Pretty bad design if you ask me. Spoke with a mate who has a BMW. Same issues with them.
I’m not happy about the water ingress.
Try to keep the drain pipes around the sunroof clean and clear.

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Hi any update on this issue. Did anyone manage to find a fix as this is happening to me as well. Id really appreciate any clues. I have poured water on the sunroof and windscreen and no leak but when there is heavy rain it leaks.

Many thanks in advance.
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According to Dutch Peugeot forum, the leakage is in most of the cases caused by the rubber of the wind deflector.
When you gently remove the deflector, you will see some holes there. Cover these with some kind rain prove silicone sealant and put the wind deflector back in place. This would fix your problem.



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I have this problem with panoramic sunroof and my 2019 3008 is currently at David Hayton peugeot Penrith Cumbria. They can't seem to fix it or find the cause, very worrying. They have had the car since December 21st. I am using their 108 at £7/day. I have contacted Peugeot national to plead my case
Any advice or info would be much appreciated.
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Beckwatcher has you problem been sorted and how were Peugeot about it.
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Post by Bertan »

Hi we have exact same issue. Unlike some owners here our Peugeot 3008 does not have a sunroof or any sort of opening . It’s just a hard top roof.
The water is leaking through the went looking panel below inside mirror.. as far as I can see no one have been able to fix the issue here . in fact accused of hallucinating by Peugeot..
some thing must be done here ..
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