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Hi new here. Does anyone know how to get to the camera on a 15 plate 3008 ? On the pull down part of the boot I have got 5 screws but can't get it off and can't find any more screws. Thanks

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These post threads are obviously not checked, as I notice this one was four years ago with no answer?
I have the same issue, with an aftermarket head unit, that won't communicate with the the OEM camera.
I've got a compatible camera for my new head unit, but can't get access to the original camera to take it out.
I've tried getting the cover off, but it feels like its going to break something if I pull any harder.
the fixing screws are off, the rubber seal is also off, as are the small plugs that retain the rubber end parts. I cannot see any other fixings, so can't figure why it wont let go.
messaging on here in the vague hope that someone who's done this has a solution
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