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Post by gavpop »

I drive a 2020 Hybrid4.
Lovely car - love it!
However - I'm getting increasingly irritated by the hesitation when in electric only mode.
Those with this car will know what I mean...
You are at a roundabout or whatever and need to get out quick. You put your foot down (not all the way as that forces the engine to kick in.) and you have that second or two delay before the front electric motor kicks in and gives you that burst of power. That second or two delay is like an eternity!
I appreciate the car is just trying to be economical...but if I plant my foot, I want it to go.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Any solutions?
I'm contemplating taking it to get the map looked at with a view to forcing it permanently 4 wheel drive when in electric only mode. But I have no idea if this is even possible.

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Post by ddaann_99 »

Did you ever get anywhere with this Gavpop? I've purchased a 2020 Hybrid 4 and everything you've written rings true with my car also. I'm considering taking it into Peugeot to have any outstanding software updates done as one owner on this forum seemed to suggest that this resolved it for them. I'd also like them to turn off that daft fake engine noise in Sport Mode, but no idea if they will.
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Post by spaceman »

fyi I purchased a pre-loved Peugeot 3008 Sport, 2011, last year. This issue of a loss of power for 2-4 seconds, often when entering a roundabout at low speed - is more than a bit worrying tbh, to the point of being unsafe, i.e. the possibility of being the cause of an accident.

I've taken the car a couple of times to our local Citroen / Peugeot dealer, but they can't reproduce the problem. despite them taking it out on 3 drives. The computer isn't showing any faults, so they have no idea if/where they can make any improvements to this state of affairs.

I don't think the above information adds must value to this conversation, other than to confirm "it's not just you!"
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