Water leakage from the top panel above the rearview mirror!

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After two days of heavy rain, a lot of water came out of the top panel above the rearview mirror, seems as though the windscreen or panoramic airview has a serious leak. I was using my car for only 7 days when it happened. I mean it's brand new. Is there anyone who had the same experience and have a suggestion?

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Post by Tanya »

Hi. Yes I have had exactly the same problem. Car less than a month old. First heavy rain. Got into the car in the morning. No evidence of water leak however as soon as I drove off and braked, water would start gushing out from under the rear view mirror. Happened several times after breaking. Clearly water is pooling in the unit above. Took car to Peugeot. They cannot find out where the problem is coming from and have waterproof tested it. Rather frustrating. Due to collect car on Monday but delighted to find out I am not the only one with this very odd problem. I will tell them that I am not going mad and imagining things. My car has a panoramic roof. Does yours?
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I have this exact issue and was wondering what the outcome was for the previous posters or anyone else who has encountered this problem.

Thanks in advance
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Hi. Since the first time it happened it has not happened again. Peugeot did investigate at the time but came up with no reason for it happening apart from saying I must have not closed the roof properly.
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I’m so happy to find this issue has been happening to others. I was treated like a fool at Peugeot and was told I must have left the roof open, I have previous cars with full panoramic roofs and this is the first to leak.

They water tested for 2 days and did not find anything but did say as a precaution they added some silicone gel to certain points and see how it goes. Nothing has happened since and the car is only 2 months old.
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I have the some issues as water leakage from the top panel above the rearview mirror! 2019 model 3008 .
1- did anyone find the result
2-did anyone solve their ıssues
3-Did anyone find the source problems (where does it come the problem )
4-have the Peugeot Service person or people get any idea for this issues .
5- does any one solve this problem
if anyone solve this kind of ıssues could you please share about solution(s) 8-)
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Hi. I had this problem a year ago when I bought my car. In the first few weeks. I took it to Peugeot. They investigated but could not find out where water could enter. They said maybe I left the roof slightly open but I had not used the roof. I must admit since (frustratingly so) the problem has not happened again since then. Very confusing. Car also seems to steam up quite quickly I must admit also. The only thing I do now is if I use the roof I pay attention to when I close it. Maybe the closing mechanism is not reliable? No idea. Good luck and I hope you don’t have a problem again.
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Same just happened to me.... 7 days with the car... First rain.. i have parked the car outside, in an inclined street. Roof duly closed. I have made a video of the water leaking through the rearview mirror and ill be visiting the dealer this morning (now is 1AM here.... I just got into the car 10 minutes ago and discovered that pleasant surprise).
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I am so pleased to have found this forum. I bought my new 3008 GT Line in spring 2018 and three months later experienced the first water Ingress - exactly as some others have described. Parked on a slight incline and after torrential rain, water pouring in through the casing of the rear view mirror every time I braked or swerved around a corner. Took it back to dealer - they couldn’t find a problem. Red hot summer = no rain. 2019 spring (and all year) lots of heavy rain and lots of leaking. Took a video and have had car in for repair 3 times and it’s still leaking 😭 - I am so fed up. They told me that I was the only owner who had reported this problem on the entire Peugeot network. Clearly not true!! Beware new owners - make sure you video evidence and reject your car whilst you still have the legal right to do so. Don’t give up as you have the right to reject if you’ve given them one chance to fix - and try to reject within first 6 months but you should be able to up to 12 months.
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Hi all,

I also have a wet roof lining and wet seat when it rains, it been in the dealership 3 times now. The first time they said the drivers drain pipe needed replacing which they day, the following day we had a fair bit of rain and the water was constantly dripping from the over head console, every time i turned a corner water would either poor down fro the left or right hand side. So it is now 100% worse than it was before they replaced the pipe, the car has now been at the dealership for almost a week as they are saying they can't find where it is coming in from. I have now been advised they are replacing the outer roof seal but i'm concerned that isn't really fixing the problem as they are designed to let an element of water in, hence the drain pipes!
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