1.6 HDI running issues, surging

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Hi I’m new to the site but have been looking through for answers. Helping a friend out with his 3008 hdi she has a few intermittent faults.

Firstly while driving I could hear the boost quite clearly while accelerating, when driving at a constant pace with balanced throttle I could hear the turbo stalling (east gate noise) and the car juddering etc, having read up someone suggested a loose boost pipe, I’ve checked all and borrowed an air flow meter and boost solenoid from a friend, it drove better, have returned my parts but I’m pleased to say I can not hear the turbo stall any longer and smoother when balanced but I think I can still hear a slight possible boost leak, there is oil on top of the inter cooler but maybe it’s cured?

Second: having returned from driving the engine light came on which had been on previous, I don’t recall the fault code number but cylinder 2 low compression or injector faulty, also had a misfire, cleared the codes carried out a compression test all was good, I’ve swapped and programmed injector 1&2 and put new washers on, this fault hasn’t returned yet. Does anyone have experience with this?

Lastly which I noticed today, when on full throttle in a high gear between 2500 and 3000 rpm the revs would surge and return with no surge difference in speed, as if the clutch was slipping but it was brief, and always came back down. I’ve seen others with this symptom here but found no answers, someone changed the clutch and the symptoms continued. Door was fully off the clutch.

Graph attached, top line engine speed, second throttle position last vehicle speed


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