Rear Shock Absorber System Change Out.

Faults and Technical chat for the Peugeot 3008
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Puegeot 3008 Allure HDi Type 0U,Variant 0URE*, Version,0URHE8 - P.2: Max net Power 110kW - Dynamic control System rear Suspension.

Hi All,

We have the above mentioned vehicle and have the same problem as others have had re the rear shock absorbers and the pipework attached to that somewhat dubious system.

I noticed that "Spudly" has sent details of the type of standard Shock absorbers that can be used successfully to remove the Puegeot system and replace it with two standard shock absorbers, (which I think should have been installed in manufacture). however I have only made this first post and cannot contact him until I have made five posts.
So I contacted the company he suggested and saw that indeed they had the said shock absorbers for sale, however when I put in my car details in, it does not recognise the shock absorbers as being the correct type and refers me to the Peugeot rig that I do not want.
I understand that there are two or three Peugeot 3008's of similar type, but do not understand the difference in the chassis.
My car is the 110kW version however when I put that information in, it says none available on the site recommended.
There is a 2Ltr HDi BLUE version that shows the there are shock absorbers available, but not for my 110kW version. So I am wondering if anyone knows the difference in the build of the two types of Peugeot 3008 and if the shock absorbers for the 2ltr HDI "Blue" or the others suggested by "Spudley" will fit into my Peugeot.
W e only use our car for running around the City, it has less than 50K on the clock, so it appears to me that the system installed is open to failure when it should not be the case.
I would welcome some advice if anyone can assist please.

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