Emissions Fault (starting impossible in 700miles)

Faults and Technical chat for the Peugeot 3008
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I have recently had the dreaded emissions fault start on my 2017 3008 🙈
As soon as the fault appeared I took it straight to a Peugeot dealership. I left the vehicle with them for the rest of the day, phone call at the end of the day stating the problem is fixed. “You had no adblue in your tank and we have reset the error codes”
I knew there was adblue in it as I topped it up the weekend before!
Anyway bill of £175 as my warranty didn’t cover it due to not finding a mechanical issue. £125+vat for diagnostics and £40+ vat for Ad blue.
Fast forward 1 day later, guess what… same fault appears.
Took it straight back to the garage and after further inspection the adblue tank needs replacing as the pump has failed.
Luckily my warranty covers this and Peugeot have agreed to pay 60% of the bill (£1400 total) however Peugeot are trying to charge me (the customer) for another 10l of adblue and are trying to charge me for diagnostics, even though my warranty have covered 1.3hours of diagnostics. Peugeot have advised there will be a £125 fee to pay to them upon completion.

Am I being petty when I feel for one, I think I should be reimbursed for the initial diagnosis (£175) as it wasn’t diagnosed correctly. And two, should Peugeot just take the adblue out of the tank they are replacing and put it in the new tank?!

Any opinion/ debate welcome.

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My car has started the exact same thing! i bought the 2019 Peugeot 3 weeks ago and wish i read up on all the problems before i did!
peugeot are unable to see my car until FEB!! i have waranty but now after reading, worried they are still going to charge me. I dont think you are wrong to want your money back when it is there mistake! after you got your Adblue tank changed is everything ok now? my engine fault light is also on!
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