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Wed Aug 09, 2023 3:12 pm
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Topic: Electrical circuit system: Repair needed
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Re: Electrical circuit system: Repair needed

Had this message pop up when i bought the car, booked it in for repair and on collection told it was fuse, got in the car started it and up popped the message again. Service guy took it back in to run diagnostics and told me it needed a new BPGA. Had it in again today mine in today for replacement B...
Thu Aug 03, 2023 11:47 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Howdy all!
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Howdy all!

Hi all, new to the forum and peugeot.

Bought a 2017 1.6 3008 allure recently and am enjoying it so far.
Got the electrical system repair needed fault but booked in for warranty replacement next week.